Hermann Schreiner


Born in 1993 in Villa Allende, Córdoba, Argentina, he began his studies of piano and music theory at the age of 7. In 2009 he began to study cello with Cristián Montes in Córdoba City. From an early age he began to integrate numerous orchestras in his state, performing as principal cello in various chamber music and orchestral concerts in Argentina and other southern american countries, which led him to be awarded in 2015 with the prestigious National Scholarship of the Argentine Mozarteum. That same year, installed in Buenos Aires, he won the position for assistant principal cello of the Stable Orchestra of the Argentine Theater of La Plata, currently being its principal cello. While in Argentina, he took a lessons with teachers Marcelo Montes, Pablo Romero, Juan Manuel Quintana, and abroad he took lessons with Hans Jensen, Claudio Jaffe, Phoebe Carrai, and Lucia Swartz.

He worked in many argentine orchestras such as the Argentina National Symphony, The Córdoba Symphonic Orchestra and the Mendoza Philharmonic Orchestra.

He also participated in numerous festivals, orchestral, chamber and tour projects, such as the International University Music Festival (Belfort, France), the Medellín International Tango Festival (Colombia), the FEMUSC (Santa Catarina, Brazil), the Latin American Violoncello Festival (Buenos Aires, Argentina), the Youth Orchestra of the Americas (Southern Cone Tour), the Festival Barroco Criollo (Uruguay), the ECOS Festival (Murcia, Spain), the Sweelinck Barokorkest (Amsterdam, Holland), the South American tour with the French ensemble Notturna, among other projects in theaters in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, the United States, Spain, France and the Netherlands.

He faithfully believes in Music as a strong tool for change and social transformation, which is why he simultaneously carries out an intense teaching activity, giving both private and master classes at different universities such as the National University of Córdoba and the University of Sao Paulo. He also carried out participatory solidarity activities, such as "Musica para el Alma", giving concerts in hospitals and nursing homes, participated in "Mini Aulas" 2016, a project by Mozarteum Argentino to generate new audiences of Classical Music, giving classes and concerts in Kindergartens in Buenos Aires. He also gave master classes in School Orchestra projects at the Mediterranean School Orchestra of Córdoba, as well as in different educational projects in Chile and Brazil within the framework of Global Leadres of the Orchestra of the Americas.

Since 2017 he has been a member of the Early Music Ensemble of the University of São Paulo, performing as first cello, and participates annually in the “International Congress of Musical Rhetoric of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries '', performing the first South American auditions of classical music on period instruments.

In parallel to music, he studied psychological astrology in Buenos Aires inspired by the Jungean approach of the psyche, investigating the works of Eugenio Carutti, Alejandro Lodi, Dane Rudhyar while taking lessons and seminars with Silvia Neira and in the Centro Astrologico de Buenos Aires.

Today, he is based in Amsterdam continuing his studies in baroque cello at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam under the guidance of Viola de Hoog thanks to the Teresa Grüneisen Scholarship awarded by Mozarteum Argentino.



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